Link Trade Tracking and Monitoring Service

Are you tracking your link exchanges with a spreadsheet? Let Link Trade Tracker monitor your inbound and outbound links, paid links, Pagerank, and notify you immediately when a link has been removed or a shady webmaster has used a 'no-follow' tag. Did you trade with a PR 4 site and now the site is at a 1? Maybe its time to re-evaluate that trade! With Link Trade Tracker we provide the data to make informed decisions for your campaigns.

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  • Track up to 25 sites
  • Up to 25 links can be added to the system
  • Links get auto checked every 7 days
  • Pagerank gets updated every 7 days
  • Limited manual checks
  • Email notice if any link status changes
  • Request up to 10 link trades
  • Upgrade to Pro at anytime

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Pro User

  • Track unlimited sites
  • Unlimited links can be added to the system
  • Links get auto checked daily
  • Pagerank gets updated daily
  • Unlimited manual checks
  • Email notice if any link status changes
  • Set email reports
  • Request unlimited link trades
  • Post unlimited link trade offers
  • Define site groups and auto check per group
  • Define categories for links
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Additionally, all users get

  • Email Reports
  • Contact Manager
  • Message Center
  • IP based login security
  • Easy import via csv file
  • Post and find trades
  • Trade details page
  • ICQ/AIM Support
  • Trouble ticketing system

Start Tracking in 3 easy steps

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    > Create an account
  • 2

    > Add your sites
  • 3

    > Add any type of trade such as A, AB, ABC,
    AB-CD or any type of complex
    link exchange.

Why use us?

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A quality link trade takes a great deal of work to get, and knowing it is still up and immediately when it is removed can be a great use. Let Link Trade Tracker help you monitor and organize your links. Create an account now and track up to 25 links for free, upgrade at any time to a Pro account. Limited time Pro account demo's are also available, just create a free account and open a ticket requesting it be upgraded to a demo account.

Link Trade Tracker also allows you to find quality link trades and offer trades of your own. This is a seperate and optional feature. Using Link Trade Tracker, you are able to find high quality, niche related trades that will improve the surfers experience and increase your rankings.

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